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Current Faculty

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Geopolitics, International Relations, Global Governance

John Brookfield is an expert on Geopolitics, International Relations and International Organisations with many years teaching experience at the University of Sydney, Australia. he designed, developed, lectured and coordinated key core units in three undergraduate degree programs for the Department of Government and International Relations at Sydney University 2006-19 and has received several Dean's Citations for Teaching Excellence based on student's evaluations of his units. John holds a Master of Letters in Political Science from the Australian National University and a PhD from the University of Sydney, Australia.



International Relations, Resilience, Geopolitics

Christian  has extensive corporate experience in security, risk and resilience leadership in regional and global leadership roles in Australia, Asia, Europe and South America. In addition he has research and consulting experience in International Relations, geopolitics and global risk and resilience, as well as teaching experience in Geopolitics and global governance. He has a PhD in International Relations from the University of Sydney, MBA from Bond University, Master of Arts (International Relations) and Bachelor of International Studies from Flinders University, Australia.

Tim Prior.jpg


Socio-technical Resilience, Disaster Management, Civil Protection and Security

Tim has 15 years of experience in research and policy consulting on a range of fields centring on environmental and technical risk and the development of resilient social and technical systems. This experience covers the academic, public and private sectors in Europe, South-east Asia and Australia. During this time, Tim has been focused on creating new ways to think about and address today’s complex challenges. Tim speaks regularly as an invited guest at conferences and other events organised by Governments, think tanks and international organisations. He has published on themes as diverse as resilience, disaster management and recovery, critical infrastructure protection, artificial intelligence, social capital, environmental management, mining sustainability, agriculture and fisheries. His writing has appeared in academic journals, the media, expert publications, and technical reports.

Aliya T Gair.jpg


Energy politics, Geopolitics, International Relations

Aliya Tskhay is an expert on energy policy, international norms and politics in Eurasia with teaching experience in several higher education institutions across the world (including Austria, Japan and the UK). She has published extensively on these topics in academic and policy-oriented outlets, including the monograph Global norm compliance: A Study on Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (2020). She also engages in consultancy and political advisory work. She holds a PhD in International Relations from University of St Andrews, UK.



European Union, International Relations, Energy politics

Dr Mikko Vähä-Sipilä (PhD) is an expert in European Union affairs, especially in energy policy, programme financing, security of supply, resilience and critical infrastructure. Mikko’s professional background is chiefly from within the European Union administration in Brussels where he has worked on energy market issues and regional development. Mikko’s career also includes work on national resilience as well as spells in research, journalism and consultancy. He has studied in Finland, the UK and Lithuania and holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Tampere in Finland.



Geoeconomics, International Relations, International Political Economy

Mikael is Programme Director of Global Security Research at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. He is also Adjunct Professor in International Political Economy at the University of Tampere, Non-Resident Associate at the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE), and Senior Editor of the Journal of Autonomy and Security Studies. He earned his PhD at the London School of Economics and he has been a Visiting Fellow at the Changing Character of War Centre, Oxford University. He has also been a Member of the Development Policy Committee of the Finnish Government and President of the Finnish International Studies Association. University of Tampere students chose his course as the best international relations course in 2020.

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