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Our Offerings: Welcome


Value added for Institutions

  • The ability to flexibly source the best educators and experts to online programmes - connect the global with the local!

  • Flexible integration into the institution’s systems and standards – use your own or adopt ours (or go hybrid)

  • The cost structure is competitive in comparison to on campus solutions

  • The service can be flexibly scaled to meet demand based on actual student enrolment numbers - pay for delivery - no fixed costs

  • Utilise an online education solution that has been designed to the online environment- unlock new hidden opportunities

  • International educators can guide international students in their own language and explain things in the local cultural context (when available)

Our Offerings: Academics


Become a member of GAIR

  • Discover new opportunities by offering  your expertise globally!

  • Make best use of the flexibility of online teaching, whilst leaving the technical issues to us

  • Manage your teaching load depending on your personal preferences – work full-time or part-time

  • Gain the access to engage students in universities normally out of reach

  • Create and enhance your skills and profile as an online educator – this is the future!

Our Offerings: Academics


Discover the best way to learn about International Relations and Global Studies

  • Learn from the top experts in the world in a truly borderless environment – unlock hidden knowledge from a global network

  • Attend lecture when you can, not when they are scheduled for the lecture hall

  • Ability to choose the tutorials that suit your schedule 

  • Time is spent learning, not commuting

  • Get personalised support regardless of office hours

  • Great for working students and students with special needs!

Our Offerings: Academics
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